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Having fun with your remote team shouldn't be hard work.

Ludio's bite-sized games over video chat are social, engaging, and zero work for organizers!

Loved by remote teams at:


My remote team of about 70 people used Ludio recently and it was really great. We found it easy to use, even though it was the first time for most people, and lots of delightful user interface moments (like the arrows, we all loved the arrows). Playing the Ludio games had people laughing and yelling and trash-talking in Slack afterwards so I consider that a win!


I love playing mafia in person at our team offsites, and Ludio is the first time I've been able to do it with our team remotely. It's been really fun to play and the whole team has enjoyed it quite a bit!


Our team has been holding monthly virtual hangouts for quite some time now and one month we decided to utilize Ludio. Ludio was interactive, fun, and engaging! The platform's unique features and functionalities made the experience from start to finish unforgettable.


Online games through Ludio Technologies were really fun 🙂 (yes, I was the first one killed off in our game of Mafia haha)


Remote events are hard. You want to take advantage of Zoom, but the second you try to do something collaborative, the human context/touch goes away. Ludio's interface really creates ways to feel like you're playing a game with your team - it preserves the bonding effect that is the whole point of getting together in the first place!


My team used Ludio recently and it was truly exciting! I am not someone who plays online games but it was so much fun since Ludio has plenty of games which are real life favorites like Mafia. I think it's a great app for remote teams and helps with team building and employee engagement. I highly recommend startups to try it out.


I think this was one of the most fun social events we've had. Even better than when we did an in-person escape room.


Ludio has been a great addition to our work week. The games are fantastic and the experience is so engaging you feel you are in-person. Amazing work Ludio team!


We loved it. It was a great way to get the team together while we are virtual.


Our team LOVED Ludio! The games are great to break up the day-to-day, on top of being super easy to access and use with a group no matter where we are in the world.


Our community loves Ludio! We've had many different game nights hosting on different video call platforms, but none are quite like Ludio. We love how interactive it is and it makes it feel like we are all in the room together

engaged employees

Engaged employees are your company's superpower

Most remote employees don't feel engaged at work. It's easy to burn out, feel isolated, and quit. Remote companies can't fall back on a physical office to create their team culture anymore.

Helping employees feel connected to their workplace has to be a deliberate effort.

Ludio creates shared moments of fun and laughter

We've sampled hundreds of party games over 10 years and chosen the best ones. We're always adding more.

Is your team all introverts?

We've got games for you.

Do you hate learning lots of rules?

We've got games for you.

Does your team enjoy good-natured competition?


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Start a call, share the link, and start a game.

That's it.
That's how much work it is to run an event.

We'll even run your first event for free!

Group players into color-coded teams so that they can see everyone's cameras but can only hear their teammates.

Point at other players by clicking on their faces and drawing giant arrows.

Automatically track people's roles, teams, and scores in their camera boxes.

The list goes on.

Good luck replicating this on other platforms.

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And our games are pretttttty awesome


Take 5!


Classic Mafia


Puzz grid

Wine in Front of Me

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One Night Werewolf